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Vision, Mission, and Beliefs

Dedication runs strong throughout the Sunflower County Consolidated School District with its staff working toward realizing our vision of becoming the best district in Mississippi. To truly impact the lives of students and govern our day-to-day actions, the SCCSD Board of Trustees adopted its core beliefs for the district to follow. These principles and beliefs serve as a guidepost to everything we do.


 District Vision (who we will be): To become a Model District that recruits and retains highly qualified staff who graduate students who are college, career and community ready.



District Mission (what we will do): Empowering Staff, Engaging Communities and Educating Students


Core Beliefs

·  A safe and orderly climate is important to the teaching and learning process. (Safety)

·  Building positive relationships is critical to student success.  (Relationship Building)

·  All children can and will learn academic and social skills necessary to advance in society.

   (All Children will Learn)

·  High expectations will be held for students, teachers, and staff. (High Expectations)

·  The school, students, parents, and community members should be partners in the educational process for

    our children. (Partners in Education)

·  Administrators, staff, and faculty are committed to life-long learning. (Life-Long Learning)


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