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The Sunflower County Consolidated School District’s Public Relations Department was born out of the vision and deep rooted desire of Superintendent Dr. Debra Dace to promote the positive work done within the district, champion the progress being made within the district and spot light the people behind the work. I am honored to be the conduit by which this vision will come into fruition.

As Supervisor, of this newly formed department, I seek to properly manage the flow of information between the SCCSD and the public of Sunflower County and its surrounding areas. In order to earn community buy in, it’s in everyone’s best interest to have well informed stakeholders who receive accurate and timely information. We believe this will encourage community support, improve parental participation and rally public belief in our district’s commitment and ability to educate the youth of Sunflower County.

To accomplish this goal, we use the various media outlets, public forums, and community organizations as platforms to empower all concerned citizens with updates on the state of our school district and the 13 schools which it is comprised of. We seek to convert bystanders to active proponents of the SCCSD and its schools by engaging each community where our schools are located.

As this year progresses, you will see the District web page become more interactive, informative and reflective of current events. We will use this medium to communicate activities at each school as well as District level functions. The second phase will utilize this medium to place our varying publics and stakeholders on notice of upcoming events at the various school campuses. Additionally, when students, teachers and other employees of the district are involved with other events within the community, our website will share those occurrences.

Finally, we will continue to create opportunities where our district’s progress and performance can be acknowledged and publicized. We are what we repeatedly due, excellence is a habit.    


Public Relations Supervisor: Rev. Adoris Turner, II

Location: Central Office Hwy 49N, 196 MLK, Jr. Drive

Email: aturner@sunflower.k12.ms.us





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