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Common Core Library

This three-minute video explains how the Common Core State Standards will help students achieve at high levels and help them learn what they need to know to get to graduation and beyond.


 Geoffrey Canada: Our failing schools. Enough is enough!

Common Core Standards


Websites for Middle School Students and Younger

It seems like many of the educational sites around the web were created with either the
elementary student or the college student in mind. But there are a number of sites that would be
of interest to students in the middle school grades. Here are 20 to explore.

Shmoop - Shmoop offers an excellent collection of fun and lively study guides created by
teachers and education experts. The site provides guides to literature, bestselling books, poetry,
Shakespeare, U.S. history, civics, music, economics, and more.

BJ Pinchbeck Homework Helper - Created in the 1990s by nine-year-old BJ Pinchbeck, this
small online reference has evolved into a comprehensive research site with hundreds of
homework help links. Some of the topics covered on BJ Pinchbeck Homework Helper include
art, computer science, English, foreign languages, health, math, music, science, and social

Learn Out Loud - Learn Out Loud provides an extensive directory of free audio books, lectures,
speeches, interviews, and other educational audio and video resources. All of the materials
within the directory can be downloaded as mp3 files or streamed online.

Whyville - Whyville helps middle schoolers learn about art history, science, journalism, civics,
and economics through exploration and communication. As Whyville citizens, students can play
games, chat with friends, and much more.

FreeRice.com - This UN World Food Program site teaches civic responsibility while quizzing
visitors on everything from English grammar and vocabulary to chemical symbols and pre-
algebra. For every multiple choice trivia question that site visitors answer correctly, the UN
donates ten grains of rice to help feed the hungry.

Book Adventure - Book Adventure is a free online reading program that welcomes children in
grades K-8. The goal of the program is to get kids to read more and improve reading
comprehension. Site visitors can use the site to create their own book lists, get reading
recommendations, take quizzes on books they have read, and earn points and prizes for reading

Bookwink - Created for students in grades three through eight, Bookwink publishes short audio
podcasts and videos designed to get kids excited about reading. The site offers book
recommendations by subject, grade level, author, or title.

Read Print - Read Print is a free online library that contains thousands of novels, poems, plays,
and stories in the public domain. Site visitors can search for books by author, title, or genre.

Book Builder - Middle schoolers who visit this site can create, publish, and share their own
digital books online. They can also read free digital books created by other people.

WritingFix - Sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project, Writing Fix provides a
place for young writers to improve their craft. Site resources include free prompts,
lessons, articles, and other writing resources.

Math Playground - This site is intended for elementary and middle school students. Site
visitors can play math games, solve logic problems, watch math videos, and much more.

Lure of the Labyrinth - Created specifically for middle school students, this free online
math game guides students through a digital labyrinth of math-based puzzles. Players must
solve pre- algebra problems to save their missing pet and win the game.

GeoEdu - GeoEdu is an atlas and an educational game that helps players learn geography.
The game contains more than 100,000 questions and allows players to choose from multiple
levels of play.

ARKive - ARKive is a lively science site devoted to the conservation of endangered
species around the world. Educational resources include news, photos, videos, article,
reference materials, and more.

Artopia - Designed for middle school students with an interest in visual and performing arts,
this site displays important works of art and allows users to build their own portfolio of
artwor k. Artopia users can also critique art, watch movies, and view student art.

Stage'D - Stage'D is a free online tool that can be used to create animated comics.
New backgrounds and animations are constantly being added.

iLike - iLike has combined music with social media to create an application that connects
music fans with their favorite artists. iLike can also be used to share music and learn about
new artists.

Glogster - Glogster makes it easy for middle school students to get creative and express
themselves through posters. Site users can create their own online posters using text,
images, music, and video.

Twrivia - Twrivia combines trivia with Twitter. A new trivia question is posted each day.
Twitter users who answer the question correctly and quickly can earn a place on the site's
leader board.

FreeDocumentaries.org - This site streams popular full-length documentaries and
educational films. No download or registration is required.


Additional Popular Educational Resources

•       Dr. Math - Tutoring site that allows students to email questions and get responses

•       Merriam Webster - The most comprehensive dictionary on the internet

•       Test Taking Survival Tips - Good tips and tricks for acing exams

•       Kid's Click - Search Engine for young students

•       Yahoo Kids - Website dedicated to youth

•       Encyclopedia for Kids - Free Encyclopedia for reference

•       Word Whiz - Helps students build vocabulary and study skills

•       Color Atlas - Unique maps for geography fans


Websites With Resources For Parents


•       http://www.pta.org - Parent Teacher Association Webpage


•       Great Schools.Org - A middle school parents' preparation for college guide


•       Health Insurance Online - A database of health information for kids and adults


•       Read, Write, Think - Resources to help parents with their child's literacy


•       Middle School Web Resources - Valuable information for both parents and teachers


•       US Dept. of Education - search for student aid resources by state


Resources for Specific Issues


Students With Disabilities


•       http://www.add.org/ - Attention Deficit Disorder Association


•       http://www.ldresources.com/ - Learning Disability Resources


•       http://www.ncld.org/ - National Center for Learning Disabilities


•       http://www.fcsn.org/ - Federation for Children with Special Needs


For Minority or First Generation Students


•       http://www.educacionsuperior.org/ - education information in Spanish


•       http://www.uncf.org/ - United Negro College Fund


•       http://www.aihec.org/ - American Indian Higher Education Consortium


•       http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/oela/index.html?src=mr - Department of Education/Office of


Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs


The Future - Getting an Early Start on Careers and College


•       Explore Your Career Options - An interactive website from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics


•       The Princeton Review - Great test preparation and practice resources.


•       Find the Right College for you - Learn about which colleges are similar to your interests and your


•       Test Practice with Coach - Standards based test preparation for kids, parents and teachers


•       Students.gov - student gateway to the US Government


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