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                                                                                       Sunflower County Consolidated School District Accelerated Reader Update                 

Members of the Sunflower County United for Children and W.K. Kellogg Foundation will be hosting a “Meet & Greet” Event to give residents an opportunity to meet Dr. Debra Dace, the newly appointed Superintendent of the Sunflower County Consolidated School District.  We encourage everyone to come out to support our superintendent and share your ideas and concerns or just wrap your arms around her and let her know that we’re all in support so we can have a successful year. The events will take place on the following dates and locations: 

The Superintendent’s Community Meetings:             The Board's  Community Meetings:
Date Location Time   Date     Location     Time       
 August 18, 2014 Ruleville  5-6pm    October 23, 2014 Indianola (Robert L. Merritt Junior High School)   5-6pm
September 25, 2014 Moorhead 5-6pm    December 18, 2014 TBA TBA
November 20, 2014 Sunflower 5-6pm    February 26, 2015 TBA  TBA
January 22, 2015 Indianola 5-6pm    April 23, 2015 TBA TBA
March 26, 2015 Drew 5-6pm        
May 21, 2015 Inverness 5-6pm        

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