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Dear Friends of Sunflower County Consolidated Schools:

Serving as Sunflower County Consolidated School District’s superintendent is an exciting and humbling opportunity. I understand the tremendous responsibility that accompanies this position and the impact it has on our students and communities. I take that obligation seriously and will perform my job with energy, determination, and commitment. We can work together to build a successful school district that empowers students to be globally competitive.

The first step in this process is enacting an efficient and effective transition plan. I will begin by listening to you. It is important for me to know you and to understand your aspirations for our county’s children. I want your thoughts on what we do well and what we can do better. Sincere and candid conversations will be important to enhance our district.

My leadership style is approachable, collaborative, and inclusive. While we might not always agree, I will interact with you in an honest, open, and respectful manner; we need each other to ensure our children's future. Seeking feedback and input will be a cornerstone of my efforts to build the best school district possible.

The Board of Education and I have outlined priorities during my transition as superintendent. My transition plan contains five goals: 

  1. Student Achievement: Ensure effective, efficient, and orderly transition of leadership, keeping the focus on optimum student achievement for all students.
  2. Teamwork: Develop a trusting, productive, collaborative relationship with The Sunflower County Consolidated School District stakeholders and school board.
  3. Community: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Sunflower County Consolidated School District Supporters/Partners.
  4. Highly Qualified Staff: Retain, Recruit, and Train Highly Qualified Staff and Proactively ensure all voices are heard and respected.
  5. Fiscal and Organizational Accountability: Empower, influence, and inspire.

Unifying students, parents and communities will be a primary focus of the superintendent and Board of Education. As part of this focus, our children and their future will be our district's purpose. As a school district, we have the capacity to provide wonderful educational opportunities for all of our children that will benefit the entire community/county. The Board of Education and I will work with all stakeholders to accomplish that mission. Thank you for the opportunity to be your new superintendent. I look forward to a long and beneficial partnership. We are, United for Excellence!

Educationally yours,

Debra Dace, PhD.


Superintendent's Message



The mission of the Sunflower County Consolidated School District (SCCSD) is to unify our schools, communities, and parents to successfully educate all students to enable them to compete globally.



 All students will experience success by graduating college and career ready.



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