The Sunflower County Consolidated School Disrict is governed by a locally-elected, five member board whose members serve for a five year term. Each board member is chosen for a term of five (5) years, but so chosen that the term of office of one member shall expire each year.  The term of office shall commence in January following the general election in November of each year. §37-7-207 (1989)

Contact information for the School Board members is listed below. 

Emma Golden

Emma Golden, Vice-President - District 1 

(662) 207-0935

Term Expires: 12/2023 

Edward Thomas

Edward Thomas, President - District 2 

(662) 207-0900

Term Expires: 12/2023 

Debra Johnson

Debra Johnson, Member - District 3

(662) 207-0950

Term Expires: 12/2026

Evelyn Woods
Melanie Townsend
Miskia Davis

Evelyn Woods, Member - District 4 

(662) 207-0960

Term Expires: 12/2025

Melanie Townsend, Secretary - District 5 

(662) 207-0939

Term Expires: 12/2026

Miskia Davis, Superintendent 

(662) 207-3969