Quest Gifted Program


The QUEST Gifted Program is provided in grades 2-6.  The goal of the program is to provide the students with a rich and rigorous gifted curriculum.  Our goal is to satisfy the gifted students' intellectual curiosity.  The students are identified for the program by a group screening done in First Grade.  Once a student scores a certain percentage, other screening tests are performed.  Students may also be referred for testing by a teacher, parent, grandparent, or administrator. 

All gifted teachers in the Sunflower County Consolidated School District hold a teaching certification for gifted education. 

  • Ginger Berry serves the gifted students at Moorhead Central School, Carver Elementary, and Lockard Elementary.
  • Elizabeth Jefcoat serves the gifted students at AW James Elementary, Ruleville Central Elementary, Drew Hunter Middle School, and Ruleville Middle School.

The gifted classes participate in meaningful research, development of thinking skills, creativity, group dynamics, communication, career discovery, and self-directed learning.  The students meet with their gifted teachers for four hours per week.

Mr. Dylan Jones serves as the district gifted coordinator. Mrs. Mary Berry serves as the gifted contact person. If there are any questions about the gifted education program, please call (662) 887-4919 X104 or email and

Click here to view the gifted education testing process for the Sunflower County Consolidated School District.