Personnel, Public Relations, Student Affairs and MSIS

This department consists of 3 departments, all aimed at accomplishing the mission of the Sunflower County Consolidated School District: Empowering Staff, Engaging Communities, and Educating Students! As our title indicates, we directly impact all 3 of these entities. Though we are many members, we operate as one body.

Personnel/Human Resources

This department works diligently to ensure that our school district recruits and retains highly qualified staff who are appropriately licensed, and who maintain these credentials while employed with the SCCSD. Mr. William Murphy ( lead this department and other areas that fall under the umbrella of this department include: 

  • Teacher/Staff Recruitment
  • Educator Licensure
  • Employee Work Verifications
  • Family Medical Leave
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Substitute Teacher/Custodian/Cafeteria Worker Trainings
  • Volunteer Trainings
  • New Teacher Support
  • Maintenance of Personnel Records
  • Employee Grievances
  • Develop Employee/Personnel Handbook
William Murphy

Public Relations 

The goal of this department is to consistently present the school district in a positive and favorable light internally and externally. We fully believe that no one can tell our story better than we can, and that is what we intend to do! The PR Department is a truly collaborative effort headed by Mr. William Murphy. Some of the tasks include: 

  • Collaboration with local media (newspaper, radio, and news stations)
  • Maintenance of Social Media Accounts
  • Creation of Flyers/Announcements for Events
  • Superintendent’s Advisory Council (Retired Educators) and Community Meetings
  • Establishment of partnerships with local groups and entities
  • Weekly “Week-in-Review” sharing in-district highlights of the week among SCCSD staff 


Student Affairs 

This department, under the leadership of Mr. William Murphy, is responsible for ensuring that students are treated fairly and in accordance with policy, specifically regarding the Code of Conduct. Student Affairs also encompasses the following:

  • Conducting disciplinary hearings for infractions that result in 10-day suspensions
  • Partnership with the MS Center for Justice and Sunflower County Systems Change Project
  • Developing behavioral supports, interventions, and systems within the school district
  • Connecting District Staff to trainings that help with student discipline, climate, and culture
  • Meetings with Superintendent Advisory Council (high school students) to hear the student perspective
  • Leading the Gallup Poll
  • Monthly analysis of discipline data
  • Hears grievances/complaints that parents or students may have regarding discipline AFTER the matter is not resolved at the school level 


Mississippi Student Information System 

This department works to maintain accurate reporting of personnel and student attendance to the state, using the MSIS database. This information must be closely monitored because it is reviewed by the state and federal government. Ms. Li'Thesia Kent ( is the leader of this department.   

William Murphy, Director of Personnel, Public Relations, Student Affairs, and MSIS

Location: Central Office, Hwy 49N 196 MLK Jr. Drive, Indianola, MS 38751  


Phone: (662) 887.4919/Ext. 102

Vilinda Dixon, Personnel Administrative Assistant

Location: Central Office, Hwy 49N 196 MLK Jr. Drive, Indianola, MS 38751 


Phone: (662) 887.4919/Ext. 118