Maintenance Department

Director: Mr. Marvin Hawkins

Location: Maintenance Shop, Hwy 49 N, 196 M.K. Drive

Phone: 662-207-4716

Fax: 662-887-7051


The SCCSD Operations and Maintenance Department maintains the school district's facilities to ensure the comfort and safety of our students, staff, and visitors.  

Our dedicated staff is responsible for managing buildings and grounds at two high schools, three middle schools, seven elementary schools, an academic achievement building, a career & tech building, and the administrative buildings.  They are committed to providing an attractive, safe, and accessible learning environment. 

Marvin Hawkins

Department Members:

Marvin Hawkins – Director

Percy Carter-662.207.6204

Ronnie Evans-662.207.7381

Garland Moody- 662.207.4520

Walter Nolden-662.207.6841

Michael Love-662.207.4087

Troy Wilson-662.207.4538

Eric McGowan-662.207.2385

Lewis Glenn-662.207.8799

Tommy Brewer-662.207.7902

Demarkus West-662.207.8231

Manuel Brand-662.207.7903