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Sunflower County Consolidated School District owns and operates its own transportation system.

In establishing the bus routes, it is our responsibility to schedule the safest and shortest route to and from the school building which your child attends. Assigned bus routes are those located closest to the student's home address. Please note the bus route number and stop on your child's transportation letter. You may choose a different stop to and from school as long as your child rides the bus route assigned in the student’s transportation letter. We reserve the right to assign bus stops if necessary. Students will not be able to change bus routes.  → SCCSD Bus Routes.

Please contact the Transportation Department at 662-887-1502 with any questions or concerns.


Location: Bus Shop, Hwy 49 N, 196 M.K. Drive · Indianola, MS 38751

Phone: 662-887-1502 / Fax: 662-887-7825  

Office Hours: 8-5 pm  

James Wilson

James Wilson, Transportation Director


Phone: 662.207.7889

Department Members

Jamelda Parker - 662.887.1502 Ext 161

Terrance Winston - 662.207.7916

Terry Crawford - 662.207.5403

Thermon Cobbins - 662.207.4191


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