School Safety

District Safety Director

Safe schools are fundamental to students' school successes and achievements. Consequently, providing a safe and orderly school environment remains an ever-present priority of the Sunflower County Consolidated School District. School safety will be addressed through a comprehensive approach that focuses on prevention, intervention and response planning. Systems and programs are in place that create caring school communities where all students and staff feel safe and supported. Key to the process of building and maintaining safe schools is the development of active partnerships between schools and communities.

The School Resource Officers (SRO) provides support to schools in the areas of physical security, emergency operations and school discipline.  Sunflower County Consolidated School District currently staffs (3) School Resource Officers (2) School Safety Officers. Our SROs are certified law enforcement officers who are responsible for assisting administrators with proactive approaches to all aspects of school safety. 

The School Resource Officer (SRO) is specifically trained in and performs three main functions:

  • law enforcement officer
  • law related counselor
  • and law related educator.  

Our School Safety Officers (SSO) are non-commissioned officers who are assigned to the school for routine safety and security duties.  


Chief of Police/Security, Markricus Hibbler, Sr.


Office: (662) 887-4919, Ext. 117

Cell: (662) 207-4720

Adrain Gooden

SRO  - Carver Elementary School / Indianola Academic Center


Edward Lucas

SRO - Ruleville Middle School


Lafagus Carpernter

SRO - Ruleville Central High School


Lafagus Carpernter/Edward Lucas

SRO - Drew Hunter Middle School


Louis Baymon

SRO - Gentry High School


Phone: (662) 207-3177 cell

Don Walker 

SSO - Robert L. Merritt Junior High School


Inclement Weather Calling Tree